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C# Programming



C# Programming Syllabus

Course Objectives:

v  Get complete knowledge of MS.NET Framework and its internals.

v  Use VS.NET - Integrated Development Environment.

v  Develop deep understanding of C# language features.

v  Build strong concepts of OOP's and implement the same in C#.

v  Create and manage strings, arrays, collections and enumerators using .NET framework library.

v  Perform file input and output operations - read and write data streams, serialize and de-serialize an

v  Object graph.

v  Build on applications using N-Tier architecture having Data, DAO and Business classes.

v  Develop database centric applications using ADO.NET.

v  Build GUI applications using .NET Framework and WinForms API.

v  How XML can be utilized in operating data between discrete technologies.

v  Build and use the reusable components and controls.

v  Develop Multithreading and Asynchronous Programming.

v  Package and Setup .net applications.

C# Syllabus

v  Module 1:- Introduction to .Net Framework

v  Module 2:- VS.Net and Entry point Method

v  Module 3:- C# Language Syntax

v  Module 4:- OOPS – Concepts

v  Module 5:- OOPs - Programming Encapsulation

v  Module 6:- OOPs – Inheritance

v  Module 7:- OOPS - Interface and Polymorphism

v  Module 8:- Collections and Generics

v  Module 9:- Assemblies and GAC

v  Module 10:- Exception Handling

v  Module 12:- IO Streams


v  Module 13:- Unsafe Code

v  Module 14:- Reflection and Attributes

v  Module 15:- Extended C# Language Features

v  Module 16:- New Features of C# 6

v  Module 17:- Developing GUI Application Using WinForms

v  Module 18:- ADO.NET Part1 - Managed Provider Objects

v  Module 19:- ADO.NET Part2 - DataSet Object Model

v  Module 20:- N-Tier Layered Architecture Applications

v  Module 21:- XML

v  Module 22:- Windows Services

v  Module 23:- Delegates & Events

v  Module 24:- User Control and Custom Control

v  Module 25:- MultiThreading

v  Module 26:- Debugging and Diagnostics


v  Gain general knowledge in regard to C# programming language

v  Gain knowledge in regard to general programming concepts

v  Read and comprehend C# code



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