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Course Duration: 6 Month

Lectures: 144 Hours

Overview of the ASP.NET

v  Introduction of different Web Technology

v  What is Asp.Net

v  How Asp.Net Works

v  Use of visual studio

v  Different Languages used in Asp.Net.

v  Summary


v  Common Language Runtime (CLR)

v  .NET Framework Class Library.

v  Summary

Asp.Net Standard Controls

Displaying information

v  Label Controls

v  Literal Controls

v  Bulleted List

Accepting User Input

v  Textbox controls

v  RadioButton and RadioButtonList Controls

v  CheckBox and CheckBoxList Controls

v  Button controls

v  LinkButton Control

v  ImageButton Control

v  Using Hyperlink Control

v  DropDownList

v  ListBox

Displaying Images

v  Image Control

v  Image Map Control

v  Using Panel Control

v  Using Hyperlink Control



v  Page & State Management

v  Overview of events in page

v  Summary

Asp.Net Validation Controls + Javascript Validation

v  Required Field Validator Control

v  Regular Expression Validator Control

v  Compare Field Validator Control

v  Range Validator Control

v  Validation Summary Control

v  Custom Validator Control

v  Summary

Designing Websites with master pages

v  Creating master pages

v  Creating default contents

v  Nesting master pages

v  Registering master pages in web configuration

v  Summary

Using the Rich Controls

v  Accepting File Uploads

v  Saving files to file system

v  Calendar Control

v  Displaying advertisements

v  Displaying Different Page view

v  Displaying a Tabbed Page View

v  Wizard Control

v  Summary


v  Cross-platform & container support

v  High performance

v  Asynchronous via async/await

v  Unified MVC & Web API frameworks

v  Multiple environments and development mode

v  Dependency Injection

v  WebSockets & SignalR

v  Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Protection

v  “Self hosted” Web Applications

v  Action Filters






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