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Computer Added Jewelry Design And Manufacturing details

Courses Information

           Software Name: Rhinoceros 5 (64-bit)

         Computer Added Jewelry Design And Manufacturing.

Ø  Basic Rhino Knowledge

Ø  Rhino Command

Ø  2d Design & Tracing

Ø  2d Surface

Ø  Making 3d Design.

Ø  Stepping, Flow & design Finishing.

Ø  Making JPG Images

Ø  Design Details

Ø  Weight Calculate. (Diamond & Gold Wt.)

Ø  Cad Shoot (STL)

        Type of Design.

·         Pendant

·         Ring ( Ladies, Gents)

·         Bracelet

·         Nose pin

·         Bangle

·         Earring, Stud, “J” Bali, Haggis.

     Type of Diamond.

·         Round

·         Princess

·         Buggate

·         Marquise

·         Pear

·         Heart Shape

·         Cushion cut

·         Emerald

         Type of Setting.

·         Prong Set.

·         Collet Prong.

·         Pave set.

·         Bezel set.

·         Flush set.

·         Channel set.

·         Pressure Set.


Advance Course.

·         Market Wise Design.

·         Europe Market.

·         Local Market.

·         US Market.

·         Australia Market.

·         Medalist Market.

Ø  Advance Design.

·         Necklace (With Linking)

·         Couple Ring

·         Making Design in Carat wise.

Ø  Advance Setting.

·         Tiger Prong

·         French Pave

·         Gold Pave-1

·         Gold Pave-2

·         “U” Cut

·         Illusion Set

·         Mystair set


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