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Marathi Typing (40 WPM) details

Courses Information

Graphic Design


Course Duration: 6 Month

Lectures Hours: 144 Hours




Course Contains: 



            Corel Draw




Corel Topics

            Text effects, logo creation, letterhead, visiting card.

            Banners, holdings, pamphlet design, poster design.

            Forms making, layout, advance designing tools & color fills export.


Photoshop Topics

            Background changing, hair color, face color, eye color, passport size resulation.

            Layer mask, cloning, red eye effect, selection tools, gradient fill, text effects, printing.


Illustrator Topics

            Lesson 1: Introduction to Adobe Illustrator CS6

            Lesson 2: Working With Documents

            Lesson 3: Drawing and Transforming Objects

            Lesson 4: Making and Saving Selections

            Lesson 5: Working with Shapes and Objects

            Lesson 6: Working with Color

            Lesson 7: Gradients, Pattern Fills, and Blends

            Lesson 8: Points and Paths

            Lesson 9: Working With Paths

            Lesson 10: Working With Layers

            Lesson 11: Working with Type

            Lesson 12: Drawing and Painting

            Lesson 13: Illustrator Effects

            Lesson 14: Symbols

            Lesson 15: Outputting Your Work


InDesign Topics

            Lesson 1: Introduction to Adobe InDesign CS6

            Lesson 2: Creating and Viewing Documents

            Lesson 3: Understanding Your Workspace

            Lesson 4: Pages

            Lesson 5: Working with Type

            Lesson 6: Working with Graphics

            Lesson 7: Formatting Objects

Lesson 8: Working with Color

            Lesson 9: Points and Paths

            Lesson 10: Managing and Transforming Objects

            Lesson 11: Character and Paragraph Formatting

            Lesson 12: Using Styles

            Lesson 13: Tables

Lesson 14: Long and Interactive Documents

            Lesson 15: Packaging and Printing



            Minimum SSS Passed Required.







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