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Certificate Program In Mobile Repairing details

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Advance Mobile Repairing Course Syllabus



Module 1 (Basic)

·         Basics of mobile communication.

·         GSM & CDMA Structure & Generation of Mobile Phone

·         GPRS, Bluetooth, Infrared, WIFI

·         SIM & IMEI

·         Electronic Components Overview

·         Electronic Components Identification testing & working

·         Study of various tools and equipment

·         Study of spare parts.

·         Using a multimeter.




Module 2 (Hardware)

·         Assembling and disassembling of FEATURE PHONES & SMARTPHONES

·         Study of Printed Circuit Board (Motherboard).

·         Various SMD components on the PCB.

·         Testing & Replacing of parts and components.

·         Study of different ICs used on the PCB.

·         Soldering & desoldering Techniques by using a soldering iron.

·         Soldering & desoldering Techniques by using a SMD rework station.

·         Jumper Settings

·         Fixing different Hardware/Software & Advance faults

·         Combo LCD/Glass replacements





Module 3 (Software)

·         Basic Computer knowledge

·         Operating System Installation

·         Software/USB Driver Installation

·         Software Tool Boxes/Dongles information

·         Mobile phone software Upgrading/Downgrading/Flashing

·         Account ID Unlocking/FRP/Password Bypass

·         Secret Codes of all Brands

·         Data Backup & Restore

·         Software Techniques Without Flashing Boxes

·         Downloading Flash Files of all Brands  


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