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JavaScript HTML CSS


Course Duration: 4 Month

Lectures Hours: 96



HTML Syllabus

v  Introduction of different Web Technology

v  Introduction

v  HTML Elements

v  HTML Attributes

v  HTML Headings

v  HTML Paragraphs

v  HTML Formatting

v  HTML Fonts

v  HTML Styles

v  HTML Links

v  HTML Images

v  HTML Tables

v  HTML Lists

v  HTML Forms

v  HTML Frames

v  HTML Iframes

v  HTML Colors

v  HTML Colornames

v  HTML Colorvalues

v  HTML Quick List

v  HTML Layout

v  HTML Doctypes

v  HTML Head

v  HTML Meta

v  HTML Scripts

v  HTML Entities


v  HTML URL Encode

v  HTML Media

v  HTML Audio

v  HTML Object

v  HTML Video

v  HTML YouTube

v  HTML Media Tags

v  HTML Summary


CSS Syllabus

v  CSS Introduction

v  CSS Syntax

v  CSS Id & Class

v  CSS Styling

v  Styling Backgrounds

v  Styling Text

v  Styling Fonts

v  Styling Links

v  Styling Lists

v  Styling Tables

v  CSS Box Model

v  CSS Box Model

v  CSS Border

v  CSS Outline

v  CSS Margin

v  CSS Padding

v  CSS Advanced

v  CSS Grouping/Nesting

v  CSS Dimension

v  CSS Display

v  CSS Positioning

v  CSS Floating

v  CSS Align

v  CSS Navigation Bar

v  CSS Image Gallery

v  CSS Image Opacity

v  CSS Image Sprites

v  CSS Media Types

v  CSS hacking

v  CSS Summary

Overview of the JavaScript

v  Introduction of different Web Technology

v  What is Asp.Net

v  How Asp.Net Works

v  Use of visual studio

v  Different Languages used in Asp.Net.

v  Summary


JavaScript Syllabus Covered

v  Overview

v  JavaScript Objects

v  JS Array

v  JS Boolean

v  JS Date

v  JS Math

v  JS Number

v  JS String

v  JS RegExp

v  JS Global

v  Browser Objects

v  Window

v  Navigator

v  Screen

v  History

v  Core DOM Objects

v  DOM Node

v  DOM NodeList

v  DOM NamedNodeMap

v  DOM Document

v  DOM Element

v  DOM Attr

v  HTML DOM Objects

v  DOM Document

v  DOM Events

v  DOM Elements

v  DOM Anchor

v  DOM Area

v  DOM Base

v  DOM Body

v  DOM Button

v  DOM Form

v  DOM Frame/IFrame

v  DOM Frameset

v  DOM Image

v  DOM Input Button

v  DOM Input Checkbox

v  DOM Input File

v  DOM Input Hidden

v  DOM Input Password

v  DOM Input Radio

v  DOM Input Reset

v  DOM Input Submit

v  DOM Input Text

v  DOM Link

v  DOM Meta

v  DOM Object

v  DOM Option

v  DOM Select

v  DOM Style

v  DOM Table

v  DOM td / th

v  DOM tr

v  DOM Textarea




v  Anyone can do this course.

v  (Ex. Kids, Students, Job seekers, Senior Citizen)







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