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5 Common Interview Questions and Answer

  • 10 Sep 2021
5 Common Interview Questions and Answer

Top 5 Interview question and answers.

1. Self - Introduction

Myself "Your full name". I am 24 years old, I stay in Andheri, My qualification is M.B.A. Finance. We are 4 members in family including my father mother brother and me.

This is short introduction for interview. There are many types of self introductions depends on your job profile.

2. What is your strength?

Ans: I am loyal, Hardworking and Punctual.

2.1 How can you say that you are a loyal?

Because, I know importance of privacy and security of companies data and information, That's why I can say I am loyal to my work and my company.

2.2 You are hardworking person, how can you say?

Because I always complete all task which is assigned to me with full dedication.

2.3 How can you say your are Punctual?

Because, I always value the time and I understand "Once time gone, Can never be regained."

3. What is your weakness?

Ans: I am emotional person and I can't say no if anyone ask me for help.

3.1 Being emotional is your weakness how can you say?

Because, sometime people put you in trouble so sometime it need to be selfish. In emotions , I understand don't take decision in emotions.

4. Where you want see yourself after 4-5 years?

Ans: My first goal is to become a key player in your company and my long term goal is to be in a respectable position in the company.

5. Why do you want to work at our company?

Ans: It's a reputed company in India. As far as, I've heard about it,, the work environment is amazing out here. People really feel proud of working here. It's truly a golden opportunity for me to work here and explore my potential to the best.

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