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Develop Fluency in English without memorization

  • 20 July 2020
Develop Fluency in English without memorization

If you have been studying grammar and vocabulary for years and still not fluent in speaking, this is why.


The solution is a change in your mind-set in how to improve English speaking.


You cannot improve English speaking fluency the same way you learn English writing. You need a new approach.


Here are 3 tips to build an approach that makes you a fluent and confident English speaker.


Donít focus on Grammar

Have you ever get stuck when you are speaking English as you are thinking is your grammar right or not?


Have you ever afraid to chat in English as you scare of wrong grammar?


Everyone have these experiences!


With no doubt, grammar is essential and helps us to express English in a logical and understandable way. But it hinders English beginners to speak it out as we all afraid to make mistakes.


In fact, in the world of English Learning, practical use is the most important. It is the key to speaking English confidently.


When it comes to English fluency, practical use is more important than grammar. So, if you wish to bring your English speaking to the next level, try to put less attention on grammar. JUST SPEAK IT OUT!


You need to practice with a Conversation Partner

Find someone to practice with you!


When you are learning beginner level English, you need a traditional teacher to help you. This is how you can learn the first 200-300 words in English.


However, after you learned the basics of English, you need to practice speaking in a completely different way.


You need to learn how to speak fluently and that is only possible if you practice speaking with a Conversation partner.





Why is learning to speak English different from learning to read or write?


Sometimes you would like to express a specific idea and you cannot find the exact word that suits your meaning.


With no doubt, this is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to learning English speaking.


Try to communicate in the way you feel comfortable. Start by speaking English with a conversation partner who will correct you but in a natural way.


It is very difficult for everyone to improve without frequent regular speaking opportunities. This is why you need to enrol in a service like Spoken English Practice where conversation practice is the key component.


Find interesting topics to speak about


To be honest, it is boring to learn nouns, adjectives and irregular verbs every day.


However it is fun to talk about gun control, culture, Tennis and travel.


So why waste time learning English speaking in a boring, traditional way when you can have so much fun while doing so?


Immersing yourself into the information you are not particularly interested in is a painful process. So, why force yourself to absorb lots of boring material!


Learn English talking about things you love! If you are a foodie, subscribe Jamie Oliverís channel.


This way, you will also make English as part of your life.


You immerse.


You learn naturally, not forcefully.


Hence you remember more without more effort.


Using more and more English makes you more confident and comfortable in English. This would improve your English fluency rapidly.

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